Thursday 22nd November


13:45: Welcome and registration

14:00: Opening (GIS/ENHR), C. Tutin (Paris 12, GIS), C. Whitehead (LSE, ENHR), M. Tilmont (PUCA)

14:15: Presentation, C. Levy-Vroelant (Paris 8)


14:30-17:30: Social housing and the changing welfare state

Chairman: J-C. Driant (IUP, Paris 12)

14:30: Histories of social housing: a comparative approach, P. Malpass, with C. Levy-Vroelant (Paris 8), C. Reinprecht (Wien Universität) and F. Wassenberg (OTB)

15:00: Social housing in Europe: now and tomorrow?  K. Scanlon (LSE)

15:30: break

15:45: Financing social housing in Europe, C. Whitehead (LSE)

16:15: Social housing and European single market regulations, L. Ghékière (USH-CECODHAS)

16h45: debate

17:30-18:30: Round-table 1

Changes in finance and new solidarities

Animation: D. Czishke (European Social Housing Observatory)

With: A-M. Fribourg, C. Reinprecht (Wien Universität), C. Robert (Fondation Abbé Pierre), J-P. Schaefer (CDC), M. Uhry (ALPIL)


Friday 23rd November


9:00: welcome

9:30-12h00: Social housing and the markets

Chairman : V. Renard (CNRS)

9:30: An economical analysis of social housing and housing markets : what rationales for a public-supported sector ? B. Filippi (OLAP) and C. Tutin (Paris 12, GIS)

10:00: Privatizations in Germany, Great-Britain and the Netherlands, M. Stephens (University of York), with M. Elsinga (OTB) and T. Knorr-Siedow (IRS, Berlin)

10:30: break

11:00: Social Housing Privatisation in England: Differential Impact and Questions about Social Mix, A. Murie (University of Birmingham)

11:30: Social housing and market residential segregation: the case of Municipal Housing Companies in Sweden, L. Magnusson (University of Uppsala)

12:00-13:00:  Round-table 2

Building or selling, is that the choice?

Animation: V. Renard (CNRS)

With: M. Elsinga (OTB), L. Legras (USH), J-Y. Mano (City of Paris), P-L. Marty (Cecodhas), J-L. Poidevin (Nexity), A. Yché (SNI)


13:00: Lunch 




Chairman: F. Benguigui (PUCA)

14:30: Urban Renewals in Europe, C. Lelévrier (Paris 12), with C. Droste (Urbanplus, Germany), H. Vestergaard (DBRI, Denmark) and F. Wassenberg (OTB, Netherlands)

15:00: Towards new forms of social housing in Germany, T. Knorr-Siedow (IRS, Berlin)

15:30: Actors of urban renewal in the Netherlands, F. Wassenberg (OTB)

16:00: break

16:15: Questions of social housing in Eastern Europe, J. Hegedüs (Metropolitan Research Centre, Budapest)

16:45-17:00: Debate


17:00-18:00:  Round-table 3

Reshaping cities: a prospect for social housing

Animation : B. Madelin (Profession Banlieue)

With: M. Bonetti (CSTB), P. Bridey (I3F), C. Chevé (La Foncière logement), W. Rickert (City of Hamburg), J-J. Serey (City of Montreuil), H. Vieillard-Baron (Paris 10 Nanterre)


18:00: Synthesis of the colloquium, D. Robertson (University of Stirling)

19:00: Cocktail



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